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A system integrator that provides powering, braking, control and comfort functions – all from one single company. Mitsubishi Electric delivers overall optimized control for train systems by incorporating the Train Control and Management System (TCMS) as the main component. Our creation of system platforms for the collection and utilization of train monitoring data in cooperation with wayside equipment enables us to also realize CBM.


Learn about the great possibilities of our Maintenance System, Train Control and Management System and Signalling System through this immersive exhibit.

Train Control and Management System

Communication between trains and trackside equipment is made possible by our Train Control Management Solutions by connecting it to all the train’s subsystems via the internationally secured standards in the field of high-speed and high-volume Ethernet.

TCMS provides an integrated solution with basic functions, divided into five categories, which can be considered as the entire infrastructure for data exchange in the train system and thus the brain of the train system.

// Equipment monitoring function
// Service equipment control function
// Integrated control function
// Train inspection support function
// Maintenance support function

TCMS also provides remote operation/maintenance support function in cooperation with WMDS ground system via wireless communication, which can lead to reliable train operation and efficient maintenance.

Functional Advantages
// Safety and Stable
// Lifecycle cost reduction
// Autonomous/Driverless
// Ecofriendly

// Ethernet (100BASE-TX) Network with redundancy
// Integrated Control including safety function
// Data communication between the onboard and wayside
// Configurable software and hardware

Benefit of our Solution
// Cost reduction with established interface
// Experts in both train systems and electronic products
// Flexible engineering for customer’s needs

Maintenance System

The Lifecycle Management Solution (LMS) is designed to improve the usual work of rail operators by analyzing and linking the various data in the database. The platform serves as a gateway to normalize the data format between different types of vehicles for other systems at the customer’s site. Intelligent maintenance of linking data includes systems like:

Realtime Monitoring
// Monitor the condition of Train and On-board equipment with real-time fault alert detection
// Realtime fault alert detection

Rapid Recovery
Support smooth communication between operation center and driver to recover from the faulty condition

Data Trend Visualization
// Support preventive maintenance work and maintenance planning by visualizing the data trend (Fault trend, Degradation trend, etc.)

Maintenance Optimization
// Quality & Efficiency improvement of Preventive maintenance work
// Break away from individualization

Predictive Analytics
// Detect early failure indication
// Degradation trend estimation

Linking it in the Database on WMDS
// Manufacturing Record
// Train Operation Record
// Train / Equipment Condition Trend
// Inspection Record


Generic CBTC

CBTC is a signaling system that allows the train to recognize their movement limit based on train positions using two-way communication between on-board and wayside equipment. CBTC enables many trains to be deployed at a time, simple wayside infrastructure with low cost and maintenance, while maintaining safe train operations.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed Generic CBTC system which consists of Wayside Zone Controller and On-Board Controller according to the IEEE 1474. These equipment are certified with Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4) according to EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129 and able to supply according to railway authority’s needs.

Eco-Friendly Propulsion System

Gain in-depth knowledge of our natural cooling and SynTRACS technologies within this interactive exhibit.


Natural cooling means cooling the fin through running air flow instead of using a cooling fan.
Compared to forced cooling systems, our Natural cooling system has various benefits such as high reliability, low maintenance, low energy consumption, low noise. MELCO has rich experience to supply traction converter system and main transformer applying the natural cooling system to all over the world. We can provide equipment for a roof-mounted solution as well as an underfloor.

Proven to perform in any environment

Climatic conditions differ for every project and MELCO designs natural cooling system accordingly. Our reliability is proven through many service experiences in various conditions around the world.

// Lots of snow and low temperatures in New York
//  High altitude in Mexico City
//  Hot in India
//  High density in Hong Kong

Strict quality management  

Installing Natural cooling systems has some difficulties compared to forced cooling systems because it depends on train speed and air volume is lower than fan cooling. MELCO has four steps for design and verification to solve these difficulties and achieve the optimal design. These steps are established according to MELCO’s experience and know-how.

// Verification of the relationship between Wind speed and train speed
// Design and verification of the cooling unit
// System verification in MELCO factory
// System verification on the track

MELCO has developed the world’s first high-efficiency synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) for railway applications with one of the world’s highest outputs – 450kW (at maximum). Furthermore, inverter drive system optimizing for the motor has been launched.

Features of SynRM
// No used any ferromagnets (permanent magnets) such as rare earths and rare metals for the rotor
// No coasting loss (iron loss) due to the induced voltage


Explore our Heating & Air Conditioning Systems designed and manufactured at our factory MEKT Systems S.P.A, in Padua, Italy.


// Over 150,000 HVAC units all over the world supplied since the 1950s for various train types and capacities.

Condensor Fan

// Swirls at the blade ends, realize high efficiency as well as noise reduction.

Evaporator/Condenser Coil

// Reduces the size of heat exchanger and volume of refrigerant.

Compressor Capacity Control

// Realizes capacity control and enables multiple stages of refrigeration capacity control.

Energy saving

// Reduced power consumption with high efficient refrigerant cycle and by using LOSSNAY as heat exchanger providing 50% energy consumption compared to electric heater.

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