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Our Path to Sustainability at InnoTrans 2024

Join us at InnoTrans 2024 as we showcase our commitment to creating a sustainable future through cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. As a leading exhibitor, Mitsubishi Electric is proud to present our theme: “Moving Into Sustainable Society”. Our booth will feature a range of advanced products and solutions designed to meet the needs of international operators and train manufacturers.




InnoTrans 2024


24. – 27. September 2024


Messe Berlin // Hall 9 // Booth No. 440



Circular Economy

In our commitment to the Circular Economy, we are rethinking how resources are used in the transportation sector. By designing products and systems that minimize waste, we aim to extend the lifecycle of materials and promote recycling and reuse. Discover how our sustainable practices are reducing environmental impact and fostering a more resilient economy.

Eco-friendly materials

Explore our use of sustainable materials that are designed for durability and recyclability.

Innovative recycling methods

Learn about our cutting-edge recycling technologies that ensure minimal waste and maximum resource efficiency.

Lifecycle management

See how we are extending the life of transportation assets through maintenance, refurbishment, and repurposing.

Here you can read further information about our Products & Solutions.

Energy Saving: Powering a Greener Future

Energy efficiency is at the heart of our sustainability strategy. We are dedicated to reducing energy consumption across the transportation sector through advanced technologies and innovative practices.

Efficient propulsion systems

Explore our use of sustainable materials that are designed for durability and recyclability.

Smart energy management

Learn about our intelligent energy management solutions that optimize energy use in real-time.

Renewable energy integration

See how we are incorporating renewable energy sources to power transportation infrastructure sustainably.

Want to know more about our converter and inverter with natural air-cooling? Klick here.

Get to know more about our energy saving products here.

Visit our Global Transportation Website to learn more about Power Systems, S-EIV and the Order from MTR in Hong Kong.

Please find here all the information about the Innovative Energy Storage Module.






Labor Optimization: Enhancing Workforce Efficiency

Optimizing labor not only boosts productivity but also promotes a healthier and more sustainable working environment. Our solutions are designed to enhance workforce efficiency while ensuring high standards of safety and job satisfaction.

Automation and AI

Explore how our automated systems and AI technologies are transforming labor processes, reducing manual effort, and increasing precision.

Ergonomic designs

Learn about our ergonomic designs that enhance worker comfort and safety, reducing the risk of injury.

Training and development

See how we invest in training programs to upskill the workforce, preparing them for the future of transportation.

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Safety & Security: Protecting People and Assets

Safety and security are paramount in the transportation industry. We are committed to developing solutions that protect people, infrastructure, and data from potential threats.

Advanced surveillance systems

Discover our state-of-the-art surveillance technologies that ensure real-time monitoring and rapid response to incidents.

Cybersecurity measures

Learn about our robust cybersecurity solutions that safeguard transportation networks from digital threats.

Safety protocols

See how we are implementing comprehensive safety protocols to ensure the well-being of passengers and staff.




Tube leaving the platform at an underground station in London.


Mitsubishi Electric: Your Solution Partner

We understand the unique challenges faced by the rail industry and offer comprehensive solutions that address these needs. Our expertise spans across various domains, ensuring that we can provide integrated solutions that enhance performance, safety, and sustainability. Visit our booth to see how our innovative technologies can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Attracting Visitors to Our Booth

Whether you have received a formal invitation or not, we warmly welcome you to explore our booth at InnoTrans 2024.

Embrace the Future with Mitsubishi Electric

We invite you to join us in driving the future of rail transport towards sustainability. Discover how our innovative technologies and solutions are designed to create a more efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly rail network. Experience firsthand why Mitsubishi Electric is a trusted solution partner for operators and train manufacturers worldwide.

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