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Air Conditiong for railway and trains

HVAC – Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

Roof Mounted type HVAC UNIT

Multiple temperature sensors allow a comfortable ambient climatization taking into account both people and the environment.

// Over 150,000 HVAC units all over the world

// Cooling capacity from 2kW to 70kW

// Roof and under floor mounting plus split possible

// IRIS Certification

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Over 150,000 HVAC units all over the world supplied since the 1950s for various train types and capacities.

Condensor Fan

Swirls at the blade ends, realize high efficiency as well as noise reduction.

Evaporator/Condenser Coil

Reduces the size of heat exchanger and volume of refrigerant.

Compressor Capacity Control

Realizes capacity control and enables multiple stages of refrigeration capacity control.

Energy saving

Reduced power consumption with high efficient refrigerant cycle and by using LOSSNAY as heat exchanger providing 50% energy consumption compared to electric heater.

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